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The last time Luke Rockhold was seen inside the Octagon in the UFC was in June 2016, crestfallen after losing the weight belt-medium (up to 83, 9 kg) to Michael Bisping ICS zebras in the history of MMA. Fifteen months later, the American finally returns to the world’s most famous Octagon this Saturday in Pittsburgh, in the main event of the event. On the other side of the cage, will be another ex-champion, but the competing World Series of Fighting Organization (WSOF): David Branch, the current ninth placed in the category ranking in Ultimate.

Little has changed in 15 months when he was away from the cage Rockhold. He went on to split your workouts between the American Kickboxing Academy, in which team came to Strikeforce and UFC titles, and the Hard Knocks 365, coach Henry Hooft. The long time dealing with injuries and contract negotiations, however, have not changed the enormous trust of Rockhold. In the loss to Bisping, the American was accused of belittling other rival. Now, despite the series of 11 consecutive victories of Branch, including the conquest and defense of two belts (Middleweight and light heavyweight weight-up to 93 kg), the fighter back saying that the opponent is not at your level. Remember that your teammate Michael Johnson made similar error in loss to Justin Gaethje, Rockhold ensured that the situations are different.

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Rockhold is back, while Burns and Kamaru never left

After an eventful (for lack of a better term) week in Florida in anticipation to Hurricane Irma, we are back in business and better than ever. Better than ever because Luke Rockhold has just completed his training camp with Henri Hooft under our roof, and is now at the official weigh-in as he faces off David Branch as we speak (or as I type this).

Yes, the champ is back bigger, stronger, and “badder” than ever. The former StrikeForce and middleweight champion has had a lengthy spell on the sidelines after his defeat to Michael Bisping and also due to an injury, but now, after having recuperated and trained extensively under Henri Hooft’s “hkickboxing” system, Rockhold is on a mission to take his title back, and he believes David Branch is his first crucial step back into the fold. UFC film crews were here at Hard Knocks 365 to capture some footage of Rockhold’s intense training regime. In an interview, Rockhold said, “obviously I’m not happy about how my last fight went, and I’m ready to come back and write that wrong. First we take down David Branch, then we take back the game”. Rockhold was nothing short of resolute during his camp. He had observed Hooft’s high-caliber methodology first-hand when he was on the losing side in his bout versus Belfort, when Hooft happened to be cornering Belfort, and as such, sought out Henri for this ever-crucial bout against Branch. The rest was history, and Rockhold too, will make history once he ends David Branch’s 11-fight win streak.

But he isn’t alone. Kamaru Usman, and Gilbert Burns, will also be present at UFC Fight Night 116 in Pittsburgh at the PPG Paints Arena this Saturday, and they face tough opposition in Sergio Moraes and Jason Saggo. But Usman, unlike Durinho and Rockhold, is on a roll, having won his last 9 fights in a row. The Nigerian Nightmare has an impressive record of 10-1 that he will look to improve on to be a top contender, while Durinho is on the verge of a comeback, having lost his last fight to Michel Prazeres. If the trio go 3-for-3 at the end of Saturday night, it will be a big boost for Henri Hooft, and of course, Hard Knocks 365.

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HK365 takes on Russia in Rotterdam

After a turbulent week brought on by the biggest fighting spectacle of all time, the “Money Fight”, we are back with our regularly scheduled programing. Mayweather and McGregor may have been a fight full of bravado, but it is to be eclipsed tomorrow by a fight full of blood. Stefan Struve, a Hard Knocks 365 regular, will be facing Alexander Volkov in the heavyweight division. This bout is especially “monumental” as it will be the fight with the highest combined height of all time, at 13’6, with Volkov standing at 6’7, and Struve at 7 feet. It is very much poised to be a clash of the titans, and with the venue being in Rotterdam, Holland (the country with the tallest people on earth on average), the title is befitting to say the least. In an interview, Struve stated he hopes fight will get him back on track to challenge for the title, and even hinted that Stipe Miocic, the current heavyweight champion, owes him a rematch as champion, since Struve got the better of him back in 2012. Volkov himself attested to the epic proportions of the upcoming bout, stating taking on Struve will be no easy task, as he is by the far the tallest fighter he’s ever faced, and that he’s usually the one used to dwarfing his opponent.

Desmond Green, another Hard Knocks 365 regular, is set to face another Russian in Rustam Khabilov under the prelims. With the fight card being mostly a contingent of Russian nationals, and the event taking place in Holland, Struve’s country of origin, UFC Fight Night 115 is sure to be one for the books.

Stateside, our neighbors, Xtreme Action Park, will be hosting their first professional fight event. Over 800 confirmed attendees will fill Xtreme Action Park’s “Arena”, all thanks to the diligent work of promoters “Fight Time Promotions” under the alliance MMA wing. Yet another one of Henri Hooft’s prodigies at Hard Knocks 365, Gerald Rosa, will be looking to cement his first professional win.

In more charitable news, we’ve begun to collect donations of any kind for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area, don’t hesitate in dropping off canned food, clothes, supplies, etc. for the relief effort being conducted in Texas.

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The Money Fight, and the Real Fight

Tomorrow, we will witness perhaps the most viewed, hyped up, bout in the history of combat sports. As you all know by now (unless you’ve been living under a rock), Floyd Mayweather will come out of retirement to face Conor McGregor at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The two biggest egos will clash in the ring (not the octagon), to put on the single-most lucrative event of all time. The figures, are ridiculous. The projected purse is a whopping $300 million; PPV sales alone will be in the $700 million range. The split has been reported to be 70-30, but with McGregor looking to increase his net worth tenfold, he would even be happy with a 90-10 split.

Much like the title of the fight suggests, this bout is mainly about money. Not even pride, is really on the line. Should McGregor lose, he and his fan base will take the “well he wasn’t a boxer route”. Should somehow Mayweather lose, he will blame his age and the fact that he had to come out of retirement for the bout. And with a huge tax bill on his chest and with allegedly little liquidity, one would think Mayweather needs this fight, almost more than McGregor does. But alas, it is just a money fight. Mayweather vacated all of his titles after hanging up his gloves in 2015, however, the WBC has commissioned a “Money Belt”, a crocodile-skinned, 4000 diamond-encrusted belt, which is believed to be valued in the millions. Ultimately, it is a circus show, a display of bravado and power by the rich, famous, and talented. For all intents and purposes, it is a mere money fight, not a real fight.

The real fights, took place over the weekend. Henri Hooft’s professional up-and-coming fighters were out in full force. Steven Mowry KO’d Dustin Clements at Titan FC 45, while Demarques Jackson submitted Luciano Dos Santos 20 minutes afterwards via triangle. All the way in Sioux Falls, Tyler Ray, unfortunately, was submitted by J.P. Saint Louis, but later commented that his resolve was now stronger than ever to get back on track to land a contract with either the UFC or Bellator.

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Hard Knocks 365, UFC, Titan FC, and LFA

Another busy week for us in the books and this time the cameras were on since Monday. As most of you know by now, Stefan Struve will be facing Alexander Volkov in Rotterdam for UFC Fight Night 115; Struve will be headlining the event in a bid to get his career back on track after having discovered in 2013 his aortic valve was leaking. A UFC film crew stopped by on Wednesday to interview Struve and capture some cool footage of Hard Knocks 365. We will be posting those on our facebook and snippets of it on our Instagram. Be on the lookout.

Ditto for Luke Rockhold. Yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday), UFC film crews were busy filming Rockhold, as he too is looking to get his MMA career back on track after a knee injury ruled him out for a bout against Ronaldo Souza. Rockhold professed his loyalty to his California native American Kickboxing Academy, but was still grateful to train with Henri Hooft, Greg Jones and Kami Barzini under our roof. He (like Struve) will be headlining his own UFC Fight Night in Pittsburgh, taking on David Branch. The million dollar question remains though: when will he get a shot at Michael Bisping for round 3? We can only wait.

Good luck to them both.

Now for the up-and-comers this weekend.

Steven Mowry and Demarques Jackson, two of Hooft’s young prospects whom are HK365 regulars, will be at Titan FC 45 locally here in the Fort Lauderdale area. Steven will look to improve upon his 1-0 clean record as he takes on Dustin Clements, while Demarques with a 6-1 record, will go toe-to-toe with Luciano Dos Santos. We will be ringside cheering them on! Tyler Ray, another of Hooft’s up-and-comers, is all the way in Sioux Falls, SD, for LFA 19 versus J.P. Saint Louis. We’re all hoping for 3-out-of-3 wins to cap off the week.

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Hard Knocks 365 Opens All-New Training Facility At Xtreme Action Park

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Hard Knocks 365 (HK365), an all-access fitness training center, is pleased to announce it is open for business at Xtreme Action Park, South Florida’s premier indoor entertainment complex. Within the walls of the 30,000-square-foot facility there is an indoor field turf, soccer field (coming soon), two fully-sized basketball courts, heavy bags, fully-equipped weight room, 4,500 square feet of matting for combat training, men’s and women’s locker rooms, showers, and more. All your fitness & sports performance goals can be achieved under one roof!

The venue has three core functions; sports performance training (XPE Sports), combat training (kickboxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu) and basketball (House of Hoops 365). With this instilled variety, there is something for everyone under the Hard Knocks 365 roof. The gym’s already existing roster of professional athletes includes MMA fighters Michael Johnson, Robbie Lawler, Volkan Oezdemir and Michael Chandler, as well as NFL players like Darrelle Revis, Anquan Boldin, Mark Ingram, Pierre Garçon and Byron Maxwell.

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UFC Fight Night 114, The Buffalo Bills, and Soccer

There was so much happening inside and outside of ours walls this week that there should almost be two separate blogs.

I’ll start off with perhaps the most controversial incident of this past week, and that’s Andre Soukhamthath’s (whom is a HK365 regular) bout versus Alejandro Perez at UFC Fight Night 114 in Mexico in the bantamweight division. Perez won by split decision, but did he really? After a killer left jab, Soukhamthath had sat down Perez for the third time by the second round. You would think that this would have won over the judges seeing as Andre clearly had the first 2 rounds in his pocket, but apparently all it took was a takedown by Perez in the third round to win the fight via split decision. The consensus on social media was uniform. Soukhamthath had been effectively robbed, and after a heart-felt post on his Instagram saying he will come back stronger and outlining the deficiencies of the scoring in the fight, it was clear as day the fight should have been his. The Asian Sensation is going to have an uphill battle going forward, but his resolve has now never been stronger. Keep your head up, Andre.

That was outside of our walls, on the inside, Luke Rockhold (whom needs no introduction), stopped by our facility as part of his upcoming training camp as he looks to take on David Branch in a bid to revitalize his career after a grueling injury and a loss to Michael Bisping.

In other upcoming fighting news, two of our H-kickboxing instructors, Tyler Ray and Demarques Jackson, will both be coincidentally fighting next week on the 18th, with LFA and Titan Fighting, respectively. They’ve been cutting hard and training harder as they look to cement their pro careers under Henri Hooft and Greg Jones.

Now in non-fighter related news, Jose Kleberson, whom is a world-cup winner with Brazil alongside soccer greats Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, stopped by with his U-17 team that he coaches, “Miramar United”, for a fitness clinic courtesy of XPE. This clinic was part of a series of free seminars that XPE has been offering to the community not only to fortify our community relations, but to spread the word on the importance of fitness in one’s everyday life.

And finally, Superbowl winner Anquan Boldin, another Hard Knocks 365 regular under XPE’s Tony Villani’s instruction, has just inked a 1-year deal with the Buffalo Bills. The 36-year old has been busy training hard with Villani for the past months and now he can enjoy the fruits of his labor. After an illustrious career in the NFL, Boldin is looking to finalize his playing days with a bang.

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Hooft Kickboxing Takes UFC 214 By Storm

I think this week’s blog title explains enough. In case you’ve been living under a rock (or simply don’t follow MMA), both Volkan Oezdemir and Robbie Lawler whom train under Henri Hooft, won both of their fights in stellar fashion over the weekend at UFC 214 at Anaheim in California.

Volkan faced third-ranked Jimi Manuwa as part of the main card. True to Volkan’s nickname, “no time”, the fight indeed took no time. With 42 seconds gone, Manuwa was on the floor after he caught one of Volkan’s heavy-handed left hooks. A flurry of hammerfists proceeded to rain down on Manuwa’s face. His fate was sealed. The referee put an end to the carnage, and Volkan had effectively won the “Fight of the Night” accolade. Even UFC President Dana White, “jumped out of his seat and yelled ‘holy sh*t’”, in his own words.

Lawler, ruthless as ever, won by unanimous decision after a heavy-fisted third round, having faced Donald Cerrone, also part of the main card. Cerrone later admitted to the press that Lawler was indeed the more aggressive fighter which served well to win over the judges. Lawler is now poised to take on Jorge Masvidal at UFC 2017, according to various reports.

In “lesser” news, Deco Drive from Miami, hosted by Chris Van Vliet, stopped by for some interviews with a few of our fighters. Our phones immediately started ringing after they aired their piece on us on channel 7 the morning after!

Lastly, we’ve inked a 5-year deal with Howard Davis Jr.’s “Fight Time Promotions”. More on that in a separate post on our blog.

UFC 214 and Expansion

Our first two full operational weeks have gone off without a hitch. As always we’ve had a lot going on both inside and outside of our walls since we had our soft opening.

Firstly, in the coming weeks, we will initiate our exterior phase which will consist of adding an AstroTurf similar to our XPE Sports one, but outside. This section will be fenced off and be utilized for the more “outdoorsy” activities or exercises, like 5-on-5 soccer, cardio training, and more. If you haven’t seen our proposed renderings, check out our homepage and scroll towards the bottom.

Now, in even more exciting news, as most of you know, UFC 214 is this Saturday. However, this edition of UFC is near and dear to all of us at Hard Knocks 365, as Robbie “Ruthless” Lawler, and Volkan “No Time” Oezdemir will be fighting Donald Cerrone and Jimi Manuwa, respectively, as part of the main card. The two frequent at Hard Knocks 365 under the tutelage of Henri Hooft and Greg Jones.

Yes, this is a huge event for us, and naturally we’ll be rooting for Robbie and Volkan no matter what. Some stats on both of them:


  • Nationality: American
  • Record: 27-11-0, 1 NC
  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Reach: 74 in


  • Nationality: Swiss
  • Record: 14-1-0
  • Weight: 205 lbs.
  • Reach: 75 in

We weren’t kidding when we said we were going to have some of the biggest names at our venue.

It’s on at 10pm ET! Don’t forget to catch it, and as always, follow our Instagram and blog for more updates.

New Beginnings

As you all already know, we had our “grand” (soft) opening on Monday and it was a great success due to the huge turnout. Many big names partook in the all-day clinics along with our regular members. All 3 of our head-instructors were in full-force and as such the Sun Sentinel stopped by to cover our opening. Greg Jones, our head of wrestling, also made his debut on the mat and held a very intense, all-pro seminar covering grappling and wrestling.

Additionally, as some of you might have seen, we are coming out with our clothing line that will be suited for working out as well. That is still in the works but once we launch it, we will have all sorts of HK365 merchandise made and available for sale. However, for now, if you see a Hard Knocks 365 t-shirt, shoot us an email! You might just win one if it’s your lucky day.

In fighting news, two of our Hooft-kickboxing instructors, Demarques Johnson and Tyler Ray will be fighting in Pembroke Pines and South Dakota, respectively. Be sure to catch their fights on fight-pass and give them all the support you can! Also, our HK-365 family member Danny Roberts knocked out Bobby Nash over the weekend at UFC Fight Night 113 in Glasgow, under the teachings of Henri Hooft.

Our first week of official operations was a success, and now with our mission underway, we’ve got a lot of work to do. If you’ve seen us, or heard about us, ask about us. Feel free to stop by any time at our facility located in Fort Lauderdale, even it’s just to swing by and chat. We work hard but play hard too.
On a last note, our XPE classes are filling up, so be sure to get in touch if you’re interested!

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