Another busy week for us in the books and this time the cameras were on since Monday. As most of you know by now, Stefan Struve will be facing Alexander Volkov in Rotterdam for UFC Fight Night 115; Struve will be headlining the event in a bid to get his career back on track after having discovered in 2013 his aortic valve was leaking. A UFC film crew stopped by on Wednesday to interview Struve and capture some cool footage of Hard Knocks 365. We will be posting those on our facebook and snippets of it on our Instagram. Be on the lookout.

Ditto for Luke Rockhold. Yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday), UFC film crews were busy filming Rockhold, as he too is looking to get his MMA career back on track after a knee injury ruled him out for a bout against Ronaldo Souza. Rockhold professed his loyalty to his California native American Kickboxing Academy, but was still grateful to train with Henri Hooft, Greg Jones and Kami Barzini under our roof. He (like Struve) will be headlining his own UFC Fight Night in Pittsburgh, taking on David Branch. The million dollar question remains though: when will he get a shot at Michael Bisping for round 3? We can only wait.

Good luck to them both.

Now for the up-and-comers this weekend.

Steven Mowry and Demarques Jackson, two of Hooft’s young prospects whom are HK365 regulars, will be at Titan FC 45 locally here in the Fort Lauderdale area. Steven will look to improve upon his 1-0 clean record as he takes on Dustin Clements, while Demarques with a 6-1 record, will go toe-to-toe with Luciano Dos Santos. We will be ringside cheering them on! Tyler Ray, another of Hooft’s up-and-comers, is all the way in Sioux Falls, SD, for LFA 19 versus J.P. Saint Louis. We’re all hoping for 3-out-of-3 wins to cap off the week.

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