As you all already know, we had our “grand” (soft) opening on Monday and it was a great success due to the huge turnout. Many big names partook in the all-day clinics along with our regular members. All 3 of our head-instructors were in full-force and as such the Sun Sentinel stopped by to cover our opening. Greg Jones, our head of wrestling, also made his debut on the mat and held a very intense, all-pro seminar covering grappling and wrestling.

Additionally, as some of you might have seen, we are coming out with our clothing line that will be suited for working out as well. That is still in the works but once we launch it, we will have all sorts of HK365 merchandise made and available for sale. However, for now, if you see a Hard Knocks 365 t-shirt, shoot us an email! You might just win one if it’s your lucky day.

In fighting news, two of our Hooft-kickboxing instructors, Demarques Johnson and Tyler Ray will be fighting in Pembroke Pines and South Dakota, respectively. Be sure to catch their fights on fight-pass and give them all the support you can! Also, our HK-365 family member Danny Roberts knocked out Bobby Nash over the weekend at UFC Fight Night 113 in Glasgow, under the teachings of Henri Hooft.

Our first week of official operations was a success, and now with our mission underway, we’ve got a lot of work to do. If you’ve seen us, or heard about us, ask about us. Feel free to stop by any time at our facility located in Fort Lauderdale, even it’s just to swing by and chat. We work hard but play hard too.
On a last note, our XPE classes are filling up, so be sure to get in touch if you’re interested!

Be sure to follow our Instagram, facebook, and youtube pages for updates.

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