Month: June 2017

Our Hkickboxers were out in full-stride hooking up the bags to the beams including notorious wrestling champion, Greg Jones. Over 20 bags were installed for our 4,500 square feet of mats, providing ample room for an array of boxers to train. Yet again there were big names practicing at Hard Knocks 365, such as Stefan Struve. Our soft-openings have been very successful and thus far we are now only awaiting Grand Master Mario Sperry and his team to commence preparations for our grand opening.

Speaking of which, our Grand Opening is on the 17th of July at 6:00pm, Xtreme Action Park’s 2-year anniversary. Aside from the regular evening of press and hors d’oeuvre, our 3 head coaches and their teams of instructors will be giving out free clinics to present to the general public what Hard Knocks 365 is all about. This will be a great opportunity for the public to come see the facility in its finished glory and speak with the head coaches one-on-one to see which regiment is best suitable. Additionally, the event won’t be just for the fighting community. Since Xtreme Action Park is celebrating its 2-year anniversary, prominent public figures in Fort Lauderdale will be in attendance. The event is an open event for anyone to attend. Click here for the link.

Every passing day seems more surreal as our dream of bringing the world’s best fighters and athletes under one roof nears completion. Our work in progress has been a culmination of brilliant minds and innovative concepts that has never been done before in the United States. Many doubted the viability of the concept of Hard Knocks 365, but we’re breaking barriers and changing the game.

“Who’s going to let me? No. Who’s going to stop me.”

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“If you don’t have a strong foundation, you have nothing”.

On Wednesday we received our full order of mats and as such we are now in the process of cutting them, fitting them, and placing them all along our designated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing sections. With over 4500 square footage of padding and mats, we’ll have ample space to accommodate classes of virtually any size. Our team got together for some Hard-Knocks-styled manual labor and laid down most of the matting. On Saturday the efforts will continue to finalize all of our functional flooring, turf and mats included. Several members of the HKickboxing family joined in, including Gilbert “Durinho” Burns.

Next came the cages. So far only 4 fences separating the fighting “ring” and turf have been installed, but there’s still more to come. Then finally came the beams that will be holding our punching bags for our Hkickboxing sessions. Over 20 of them were installed, so all of you boxers can rejoice; it’s going to be kickboxing galore in here.
Our facility is looking less and less like a construction site and more and more like a gym. But not just any gym.

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The ball is finally rolling. Hard Knocks 365 is starting to come together. With our grand opening scheduled for the 17th of July, it’s safe to say that is crunch time.

Last week we had all of XPE’s turf delivered for their combine and athletic training programs. Three days later, a huge part of the free-weights area was set up as well. On Wednesday, the sign was put up on the building. And yesterday, the mats for H-kickboxing were delivered. All technical aspects of the gym such as lighting, air-conditioning, plumbing and bathrooms are completed; now, we are just in the process of fitting the gym with all training materials to make it fully functional. In fact, our facility is so functional, that XPE has already begun to train its athletes. Click here for video.

There are very few missing puzzle pieces left. Our MMA areas still need to be retrofitted with their respective equipment, but beyond that, HK365 will be good to go.

The biggest names will be gravitating towards our facility. Point in case, Michael Johnson, Michael Chandler and Danny Roberts stopped by last week for a go-kart race next door and were impressed with the up-coming facility. Fighters of their caliber will be just some of the few that will be training at Hard Knocks 365.

Big things are happening at Hard Knocks 365.

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