FLORIDA (TR) – The sun-drenched landscape of Fort Lauderdale may seem a world away from the Japanese metropolis of Tokyo, but for Aung La N Sang(“The Burmese Python”) the two cities are intimately connected, representing both his present and future.

Inside the renowned Hard Knocks 365 gym, the ONE Championship’s Light Heavyweight and Middleweight World Champion is deep in camp preparing for his upcoming middleweight title defense against Japan’s Ken Hasegawa.

The two square off for the second time in their careers at the event “A New Era” which will be held at the iconic Ryogoku Kokugikan on March 31.

The pair’s first clashed was last June at “Spirit Of A Warrior,” in what is considered the greatest World Title bout in ONE Championship history. “The Burmese Python” emerged victorious from the bruising encounter, stopping Hasegawa in the fifth. However, the back and forth nature of the contest meant a rematch was inevitable.

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