Another busy yet monumental week for Hard Knocks 365. There were tons of moving parts in play but as always we pulled through and moved forward.

First and foremost, we are making such monumental waves that Hard Knocks 365 is going to be featured in the Miami Herald (click here to download) and (click here to download). Our official press release is being distributed and as such we are poised to reach global audiences. Our cause and resolve has never been stronger and it will continue to grow as we approach our grand opening. Which leads me to my next point…

Don’t forget our grand opening is on the 17th of July at our location at 5300 Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33309. As mentioned in previous blogs, it will be an eventful night of cocktails and meet-and-greets, but don’t forget all 3 head coaches will be giving seminars/clinics for free. So if you want to get a taste of what’s to come at Hard Knocks 365, mark your calendars.

We’ve also begun to build out and finish our offices in which our administrative staff will be sitting in. This has been yet another imperative piece of this moving puzzle and with its completion we move closer and closer to full functionality.

In bigger news, Darrelle Revis and some of his peers have made Hard Knocks 365 their “fitness home” under Tony Villani’s guidance via his XPE methods. From fitness to conditioning to basketball, they’ve been at it day and night to reach their physical peaks.

Our own Henri Hooft, head-instructor of his eponymous “H-Kickboxing”, took off to Las Vegas as he is training Michael “The Menace” Johnson for his upcoming bout against Justin Gaethje on today (Friday) for UFC’s TUF 25 Finale.

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