Henri Hooft

Born in the Netherlands, Henri Hooft is HK365’s kickboxing coach. A globetrotter himself, he moved to Thailand at 18 to infuse the Thai boxing style with his Dutch style of kickboxing. His innovative fighting style paid dividends.

After attaining various continental (European) and world titles, he would go on to form his own “Hooft Kickboxing System” which has gained him global acclaim and attracted many up-and-coming fighters to his various seminars which he executes in various countries. Naturally, Hooft is no stranger to the big names as well. He’s mentored the likes of Tyrone Spong, Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost and Remy Bonjaski. It goes without saying he has cornered the Dutch fighting market. An idealist, a maverick, a nonconformist, Henri Hooft is definitely the Van Gogh of kickboxing.

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