CAPE TOWN – Stand up Africa! Stand up and support your “Boi”.

It’s time for yet another African athlete to carry the continent’s fighting pedigree proudly, as Kamaru Usman takes on one of the most elite MMA athletes the world has seen.

The ‘Nigeria Nightmare’ will challenge the UFC’s welterweight king Tyron Woodley (19-3-1) on Saturday night at UFC235 in Las Vegas, in one of the most exciting cards the billion-dollar organisation has produced so far.

In the last main event, Israel Adensanya (16-0-0) raised the motherland’s name proudly as he got the ‘W’ over arguably the best MMA athlete the world has seen yet after beating Brazil’s Anderson Silva (34-9-0) down in Australia.

Following that victory, Israel made his desires known that it’s time the UFC heads to Africa soon.

And a title win for Usman tomorrow night could turn the volume up even more, encouraging the biggest MMA organisation to make their debut in Africa.

It’s been years since Usman has been ‘home’, but he still feels a very strong connection to his place of birth.

“Absolutely, all my extended family is there, while my parents are in the US, along with my brothers and sisters.

“Growing up in Nigeria, I always knew I was destined for something great.

“Once we emigrated, I had to assimilate and partake in the sports that were big in the US, and I found wrestling, and that is when I realised what I wanted to do,” said Usman.

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