If you thumb through Nik Lentz’ Instagram page, the eighth image in his array is a fan-made fight poster announcing his trilogy bout with Charles Oliveira this weekend in Rochester, New York.

Above the myriad hashtags affixed to the post is a message from the 34-year-old lightweight, who enters the contest on a two-fight winning streak. It reads, “I’ve been telling everyone… I’m a new person. New faith, new father, new man. I get a chance to prove it.”

A cynical person would say it’s a personal spin on the same old pre-fight promises of being in the best shape ever, training camp going perfectly and feeling ready to take on all comers, but to hear Lentz chronicle the twists and turns and milestone moments that led him to this point in his life, you come to understand that the unflinchingly honest and refreshingly open veteran really is in a different place.

All it took for him to get here was to stop caring about fighting so damn much.

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