A long and arduous week but a productive one as always in the end. We made some real headway in our goal to be the nation’s ultimate training center yet again by adding the finishing touches to our offices and raising the aesthetics of our facility including desks, decals, computers, and more. We’ve also adorned the inside of our venue with some “inspiration” to empower all our athletes. On Saturday, we will commence polishing of our floors to give it that Hard Knocks 365 luster.

The title of this blogpost couldn’t be cheesier but it also couldn’t be truer. Our grand opening is right around the corner (this Monday, July 17th) and we really feel like we’re on cloud 9. If you’re in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton/West Palm Beach area you definitely need to swing by to see what we’re all about. You know what? Even if you’re not in the area, make the long drive or the flight and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Our head coaches and their instructors will be hosting free (yes, free) clinics and “seminars” to give you a little taste of what Hard Knocks 365 is all about.

There will be various VIP’s in attendance including the mayor of Fort Lauderdale and many high-profile disciples of our head-coaches whom you’ll be able to meet and greet. Also don’t forget that our grand-opening is in conjunction with our adjacent sister-venue, Xtreme Action Park. Xtreme will also be offering many giveaways and prizes due to the 17th being their 2-year anniversary, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held

Beyond the 17th, all 3 of our programs will be in full force and you’ll be able to attend any one you desire, or all 3 if you’re feeling up to the task. Don’t forget to call 954-771-0365 or email info@hardknocks365.com for any inquiries. Or if you just want to check out our almost-finished digs, swing by! We’re at 5300 Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33309, right next to Xtreme Action Park.

See you on Monday!

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