There was so much happening inside and outside of ours walls this week that there should almost be two separate blogs.

I’ll start off with perhaps the most controversial incident of this past week, and that’s Andre Soukhamthath’s (whom is a HK365 regular) bout versus Alejandro Perez at UFC Fight Night 114 in Mexico in the bantamweight division. Perez won by split decision, but did he really? After a killer left jab, Soukhamthath had sat down Perez for the third time by the second round. You would think that this would have won over the judges seeing as Andre clearly had the first 2 rounds in his pocket, but apparently all it took was a takedown by Perez in the third round to win the fight via split decision. The consensus on social media was uniform. Soukhamthath had been effectively robbed, and after a heart-felt post on his Instagram saying he will come back stronger and outlining the deficiencies of the scoring in the fight, it was clear as day the fight should have been his. The Asian Sensation is going to have an uphill battle going forward, but his resolve has now never been stronger. Keep your head up, Andre.

That was outside of our walls, on the inside, Luke Rockhold (whom needs no introduction), stopped by our facility as part of his upcoming training camp as he looks to take on David Branch in a bid to revitalize his career after a grueling injury and a loss to Michael Bisping.

In other upcoming fighting news, two of our H-kickboxing instructors, Tyler Ray and Demarques Jackson, will both be coincidentally fighting next week on the 18th, with LFA and Titan Fighting, respectively. They’ve been cutting hard and training harder as they look to cement their pro careers under Henri Hooft and Greg Jones.

Now in non-fighter related news, Jose Kleberson, whom is a world-cup winner with Brazil alongside soccer greats Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, stopped by with his U-17 team that he coaches, “Miramar United”, for a fitness clinic courtesy of XPE. This clinic was part of a series of free seminars that XPE has been offering to the community not only to fortify our community relations, but to spread the word on the importance of fitness in one’s everyday life.

And finally, Superbowl winner Anquan Boldin, another Hard Knocks 365 regular under XPE’s Tony Villani’s instruction, has just inked a 1-year deal with the Buffalo Bills. The 36-year old has been busy training hard with Villani for the past months and now he can enjoy the fruits of his labor. After an illustrious career in the NFL, Boldin is looking to finalize his playing days with a bang.

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