England’s Danny Roberts steps back into the octagon on Saturday night for the first time since his controversial loss to Claudio Silva at UFC Fight Night: London in March.

The welterweight, who fights out of Liverpool like Darren Till and Molly McCann, moved to 16-4 after his loss to the Brazilian, but the decision is largely accepted to be the wrong one.

Officially, the result says Roberts loss via armbar in the third round and the referee made the decision believing Roberts verbally signalled his submission.

He seemed to be the only person in the O2 who saw it that way. talkSPORT caught up with Roberts ahead of his battle against UFC debutant Michel Pereira on Saturday and asked what exactly happened last time.

“Simply put, it was a hard-fought fight,” Roberts started. “And there was a few moments throughout the fight before the ending came where you could say there was a little bit of politics with it. I did not submit. I did not verbally submit. I didn’t submit in any kind of way. At the time, I could hear Claudio [Silva] talking to the ref and encouraging him, so it’s just something where it’s a fight, you know? It’s between me and him and it doesn’t really involve that third party.

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