Vicente Luque believes in the USADA process, but he does feel that Neil Magny is telling the truth about his failed drug test being accidental.

Rochester, NY — Needless to say, it’s been a tumultuous week for UFC welterweight Vincente Luque. Luque (15-6-1) had expected to be facing Neil Magny in the UFC Rochester co-main event. Instead, while fight week was still unfolding, Magny was pulled from the card due to a failed drug test. LFA veteran Derrick Krantz has stepped up in his place, keeping Luque on the card — but creating a high risk, low reward situation for the Brazilian-American.

Well, some might see it that way. Luque, however, told Cageside Press and other media outlets on Thursday that he sees things differently. “I never think fighting is a lose-lose, especially because I love fighting,” he explained.

“So whenever I can go [out] there and do what I love, for me, it’s a win.” Especially since he risks being lost in the shuffle otherwise. “If I am not active, I think other welterweights will be active, and they’re going to have visibility.” So while he’s not fighting a top fifteen guy at UFC Rochester, or someone who will move him up the rankings, “I’m still going to go out there and have the opportunity to show what I do.”

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